Kill the Mall and Other Strange Phenomena

The front cover to Kill the Mall by Pasha Malla
2021. Fiction, Gothic Horror, Literary

There are very few books that have me shook after reading, and although I wouldn’t classify this one as ground-breaking, I definitely felt mildly shook and confused after finishing Kill the Mall by Pasha Malla.

The narrator is offered a residency at a strip mall, offering up days and nights to observe the goings-on to produce weekly reports. But what starts out as a mundane job quickly turns into an oddly observed breakdown, or maybe not. Written in stream of consciousness, the narrator jumps around from objective accounts to speculative commentaries. Having just learned about confabulation, the rewriting of memories by filling in the gaps of the memory, I cannot help but see this narrator walk over his own consciousness and memories in the way I read about brain injury patients in The Tale of Dueling Neurosurgeons. Unreliable narrator? Of course. Absolutely!

The greatest part about this book is deciphering what is reality and fabrications of the narrator. It’s a story told with gothic and horror elements stripped bare by the pure and untrustworthy accounts of the narrator.

Thanks to for offering up an ALC so I could listen, enjoy, and review!

Peace, Love, and Unreliable Narrators,


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