A Big Gay Blanket: The House in the Cerulean Sea

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune
2020. Fiction, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

It is like being wrapped up in a big gay blanket. Simply perfect.

V. E. Schwab

TJ Klune’s newest book The House in the Cerulean Sea packs quite a punch, but in a slow-burn, I-never-want-to-put-it-down kind of way. I had picked this book up a while ago and hadn’t really thought about reading it until my best friend said I needed to. I’m so glad she did. I’m sure many of you have seen this book around BookTok or Bookstagram too, but it definitely deserves a read by every fan of Harry Potter, Roald Dahl, and George Orwell.

Dahl and Orwell?!

Dramatics aside, let me fill you in on this beautiful little book.

Linus Baker, a long-time employee of DICOMY (Department in Charge of Magical Youth), has seen many orphanages during his tenure and has never faced a challenge he can’t overcome. Well, until he’s recruited by Extremely Upper Management to investigate a level four security case. The island he is summoned to includes some of the strangest magical creatures Linus has ever seen. The master of the orphanage, Arthur Parnassus, does all he can to keep the children safe. But as Linus learns more about this orphanage’s operations, the more he questions the reasons he was sent there at all. As secrets unfold and lives become intertwined, this magical island becomes an oasis for Linus in his quiet life.

The House in the Cerulean Sea is about the relationships we build through all challenges and the families we find, even in the most unexpected places.

Find it in your local bookstore or through Cream & Amber!

Peace, Love, and Magical Islands,


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