Religions of East Asia

In my Religion class I’m enrolled in this semester, talk mostly about the understanding of the commonly misunderstood. We try each day to conceptualize new topics and ideas that are out of our western ideologies. Learning about the hierarchical society and the differences in respect has truly challenged myself in a way I never thought would aid my mind. From deepening my understanding of the texts, I’ve tried to follow the guidelines these certain religions lay out.
Some of these rules are particularly difficult to follow because it involves visiting my lineage’s gravesite, hosting parties for the dead, and trying to formulate the social differences between men and women. Since I don’t really agree with all of them, it has been hard to truly understand.
I don’t understand how to pray to the God of the village or how to respect my elders enough to the point where everything they say has more meaning. I don’t know how to drill theories of the afterlife to attain enlightenment. One thing I have learned is that this world is much bigger than we think it is.
Each plane of knowledge we exist upon is purely regional.


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