Love and Money by Kristian Bush

Everything we do
Love or money
Nobody likes to lose
Love or money
I’ll be real with you
Come on and tell me honey
I know it all comes down to
Love or money.

A simple song by Kristian Bush can have so much depth and understanding. Love and Money, two subjects our society truly works toward, can dominate any relationship. Whether it is a professional relationship or a love affair, there is some amount of love or money that plays in everything we do. Coworkers are heading over to hang out. What would you do? Factor in how much you enjoy being around them (they don’t bother me too much and it might be an enjoyable evening) and factor in what sort of money is going to be spent for them (do I have to drive there, pick people up, pay for beer or food). The similar thing crosses your mind when you are figuring out a date for a potential partner. You first off want to take them on a date because there is some element of love going into the relationship from the beginning. No one would go on a date they truly don’t want to pursue, unless pressured with unbelievable circumstances.

Every thing we do/ Love or Money

How do you use love in your every day interactions with people?

How do you calculate money in your every day situation?

I know it all comes down to/ Love or money.


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